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Welcome to Dover Street Preschool

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Curriculum at Dover Street Preschool embraces and follows the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the National Quality Framework which incorporates : Belonging, Being, Becoming and ensures that we constantly strive to deliver a high quality centre/program for every family/child. Our staff are experienced, dedicated and passionate about providing your child with lifelong learning skills.

We respect, value and accept each child as an individual having unique abilities, interests and needs and we provide a caring, nurturing environment to create an early childhood curriculum that reflects the whole child. This includes social, emotional, physical development and cultural contexts. We carefully plan and set up our learning environment to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing challenging, inviting and engaging to ensure that the children are active participants in their own play. Children are given a voice and the power to make some decisions in our program as we believe this produces a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry-based experiences.

We collaborate with families to identify individual children’s needs and interests, and incorporate them into our program and we respect families by including different cultures into the early childhood curriculum. We value the tremendous amount of learning your child has already accomplished with you- your child’s first teacher and we strongly believe that a partnership is a vital ingredient to meet the needs of every child.

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