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Welcome to Warekila Preschool

Our Philosophy

At Warekila Preschool, we strive to develop individual excellence through helping and encouraging the children to reach their fullest potential. We provide this in a welcoming, happy, caring, friendly and social environment.

We run a play-based program that encourages creative and imaginative play, independence, problem solving, risk taking, and an opportunity to experiment and explore.  The program is developmentally appropriate to each child’s own individual abilities, needs and interests.

We aim to build children’s self-esteem and confidence. We strive to encourage and foster children to communicate their needs and feelings as well as learning to respect the feelings and needs of others. We endeavour to teach children that everyone has some qualities that are the same and some different and unique tob themselves. We teach our children to value, respect and understand these similarities and differences in each other and themselves.

We believe that preschool is the foundation for life-long learning.

Why do parents love Warekila?

“Large indoor & outdoor spaces and great wide verandahs where the children can still play outside when it’s wet. The children love the cooking and using the vegies they have grown.”

“I love the small class numbers, the great play spaces and that all the staff are experienced and really get to know each of the children.”

“We love the caring nature of the teachers and am amazed at how quickly my son has learnt skills to prepare him for school.”

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