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Woolworths Discovery Tour Program

Green group visited Keysborough South Woolworths to take part in the discovery tour program. The ambition of the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids program is to make it fun and easy for kids to eat fruit and vegetables every day.

Our kinder was invited to come into the store and learn all about what’s good to eat and where it comes from in a fun and interesting way. Matt and Anna took the children on a guided tour throughout the store and the children also got a chance to view the storage rooms at the back, including the fridge and freezers that store all the refrigerated food.

The children were also invited to play a game with Matt to see who could guess which type of fruit was hiding in the paper bags by touching not looking inside. We then had the opportunity to walk through each isle as we distinguished between healthy and sometimes foods.

A big thank you to Anna and Matt from Keysborough South Woolies for organising this tour and providing paid transport for us to travel to your store.

Check out the pictures.

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