Lang Lang Preschool

3 Whitstable Street, Lang Lang, VIC 3984

Growing and learning together at Lang Lang Preschool!

Through indoor and outdoor play, children explore, learn, communicate, discover, imagine and create. Our experienced Educators identify the strengths and interests of the children and design the environment and activities around them.

We offer 3 year old and 4 year old Kindergarten programs in our wonderful facilities, creating a great place to support and extend your child’s development and learning.

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We run a Spanish language program at Lang Lang Preschool. Spanish is incorporated into everyday learning activities giving children the opportunity to apply what they have learnt.

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Excursions are a key part of our curriculum. Our regular outings into the community offer valuable experiences and learning opportunities for children as well as building strong connections with the local community.

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At Lang Lang Preschool, we are proud to provide a multicultural curriculum and celebrate a variety of cultural events and holidays throughout the year.

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At Lang Lang Preschool, we are very conscious of keeping our staff and children safe in the sun; therefore we are official participants in the SunSmart program.

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We run a School Readiness program to support children with their transition to Primary School. Partnering with Lang Lang Primary School, the children have the opportunity to visit and interact with students.

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Our Philosophy

We, as Early Childhood Educators, commit to high expectations for every child, and to working with families and our community to support, extend and enrich children’s learning and development. We use reflective practices in our curriculum decision making to make a positive difference to children’s learning. We are guided by the Principles, Practices and Outcomes of the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF), and the National Quality Standards (NQS).

Play is learning

Play is very important for children. When children play, they are showing what they have learned and what they are trying to understand. We believe children are capable and competent, are able to initiate learning, participate in decision-making and take responsibility for daily tasks. We promote conversations, literacy, numeracy, language and social development. Our environment is welcoming, safe and secure, interesting, inviting and challenging. We provide equipment and resources, whilst allowing the time and space for the children to explore, play and learn.

We celebrate each day at kindergarten and share evidence of learning in action through our day book, individual portfolios and shared documents. We acknowledge our philosophy statement is continually evolving and relies on contributions from children, families, educators and our unique community.

Key Information

Term 1: 28 January – 1 April

Term 2: 19 April – 25 June

Term 3: 12 July – 17 September

Term 4: 4 October – 17 December

3 Year Old Purple Group

9:15am – 2:15pm Wednesdays

4 Year Old Blue Group

9:15am – 2:15pm Mondays

9:15am – 2:15pm Tuesdays

9:15am – 2:15pm Thursdays

3 year old kindergarten  $42.50 per term
4 year old kindergarten  $0 per term


Central Enrolment Scheme for both 3 (pre-kinder) & 4 year old Kindergarten registrations:

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Contact the Kindergarten Central Enrolment Officer on

1300 787 624 or with any questions about enrolments or using the kindergarten portal.

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