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Parent Advisory Group

Parents with children attending Studley Park Kindergarten are invited to join a Parent Advisory Group (PAG) at their service.

The relationship between the Parent Advisory Group and the Early Years Management (EYM) Organisation is critical to the successful delivery of the kindergarten program.  Through close collaboration, both parties work to deliver improved outcomes for children.

In collaboration with the EYM organisation, the PAG establishes processes that ensure regular communication between families and parent whose children attend the service.  The PAG gives families a way of actively contributing to their children’s kindergarten experiences.

Each PAG will be slightly different, as it will reflect its own community.  Some example of how the PAG may engage with the wider community and families include:

  • Meetings, welcoming new families to the service
  • Bringing the community voice to the kindergarten service
  • Establishing feedback processes
  • Fundraising activities
  • Working bees
  • Social events