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Welcome to Studley Park Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

Opened in 1947 and set in beautiful bushland, Studley Park Kindergarten (SPK) is a wonderful, small, community-based kindergarten with 45 families per annum.

Educational Approach

We believe children learn best when they engage in a play-based program that supports all areas of learning. We value providing developmentally appropriate, open-ended play experiences that are meaningful to children. This is provided through a combination of intentional teaching and emergent curriculum, responding to children’s developmental needs and interests, where children are supported to develop the skills and concepts that enable them to become lifelong learners. Children develop early literacy, numeracy and scientific concepts and knowledge as well as social, emotional and physical skills through actively participating in our play-based program. We recognise that all children are unique, individual learners and provide for differences through inclusive, open ended learning experiences that allow all children to positively participate in the program at their own level, reaching their individual potential.

Supporting Children’s Wellbeing

We value providing a warm and welcoming environment that assists children to feel safe and secure. The development of secure relationships between children and educators works to form a foundation from which confidence, joy and a love of learning can emerge in an early learning environment.

Children as Social Learners

Social learning is an integral aspect of a play based program. Through providing a program that encourages and supports social interaction, children are enabled to develop reciprocal relationships and are supported to develop skills and strategies to positively engage with and negotiate the many varied aspects of a social environment.

Building a Community

We acknowledge the importance of developing a sense of community within the kindergarten and the importance of involving families in their child’s learning journey. We value and respect the contributions that families make to the kindergarten, as it is through their involvement that children feel their learning is valued and enables the curriculum to reflect the diversity of the community. By building trusting and reciprocal relationships between home and kindergarten, we hope to positively contribute to children’s holistic wellbeing and development, being more able to consider the ‘whole child’, including individual culture, heritage and family values. We actively promote and encourage parent/guardian and community involvement.

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