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Welcome to East Ivanhoe Preschool

Our Philosophy

Our statement of philosophy reflects the principles of the national law, the Early Years learning frameworks (VEYLDS and EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS).  This document outlines the actions and beliefs that underpin all decisions, policies and daily practises of the educators and co-educators at East Ivanhoe Preschool. It reflects a shared understanding of the role of this service in relation to children, families and the wider community.

Children learn best at Kindergarten through hands-on experiences within a play based program that is inspiring, dynamic and fun.  At East Ivanhoe Preschool we are committed to providing this.  We recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers and we respect their input and participation in all aspects of our educational program.  Together we can foster strong self esteem and confidence that will enable children to fully enjoy their time at Kindergarten and life beyond it.

At East Ivanhoe Kindergarten

  • We provide a physical and emotional environment for children that:
    • Is safe and nurturing and fosters a feeling of community and belonging
    • Allows time with caring and accepting adults, to follow their own interests
  • We support children become flexible learners, thinkers, problem-solvers and risk-takers.
  • We provide a rich and imaginative educational curriculum including the visual and performing arts.
  • We encourage tolerance, caring and confidence in forming positive connections with others.
  • We help children appreciate and respect the complexity, fragility and beauty of our environment.
  • We continually develop our professional knowledge and skills to enable us to provide the best possible learning and development opportunities to all children.
  • We value and respect each staff member’s individuality, experience, skills and knowledge.
  • We encourage and value parent involvement in all aspects of the program.


Our Environment

Every decision made about our preschool environment is done in a respectful manner as we see the environment itself as a third teacher.

Our playroom is space filled with natural light, order and beauty. You will notice as you visit East Ivanhoe preschool that each play space is free from clutter, and every material provided for the children is considered for its purpose, as the kindergarten year progresses every corner is ever-evolving to encourage children to delve deeper and deeper into their interests.

The kindergarten space is also designed in a manner that encourages collaboration, communication and exploration.  It is also one that respects children as capable by providing them with authentic materials & tools and high quality art supplies.

It is space where there is an understanding that the kindergarten environment needs to be treated with respect and is cared for by the children and the adults.

Our environment is one that values children as artists and the way our artwork is displayed is done so with purpose.  Thoughtful and respectful displays of children’s  art communicates to children that their work is valued, and that this is their space.

Our room also is purposely one that speaks to the outdoor environment favouring neutral tones, fabrics and wood. From any area of the playroom the children can look out to the greenery of the yard as the room is surrounded by windows letting it the light.

Our yard is double story and has wide array of mature trees and beautiful ferns and plants of different varieties and textures. Our yard also has vegetable patches, places to dig in the dirt, sandpits to build and places to retreat, climb and run.


Art Program

The art program will run every Friday in the four-year old groups. This Program will be led by Annie Millsom, educator and artist.

This program aims to inspire and nurture creativity through the arts, working in collaborations with the four-year old teaching professionals, the Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the National Quality Framework.

The Art Program is based on an emergent curriculum and will be driven by the interests, ideas and imagination of the children. The teachers will then provide the scaffolding, in terms of materials, learning experiences, skills and encouragement to facilitate the interpretation of these ideas.

Participation in the Art Program promotes the creative capacity of children to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and develop creative judgement. We hope that the program will help the children to increase their access and engagement with the arts, whilst providing a sense of social inclusion, feeling of ownership and connection to community.

Involvement with the Art Program acknowledges the experiences, skills, passions and gifts of children, artists and educational professionals.


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