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Welcome to Wayburne Pre-School

Our Philosophy

At Wayburne Pre-school we:


  • Believe each child is unique, learns in their own way and at their own pace
  • See each child as competent, naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to learn
  • Respect the unique capabilities, knowledge and experiences of each child


  • Respect families as the first and most important educators of children
  • Recognise, respect and value the unique cultures and customs of families
  • Are committed to building strong partnerships with families


  • Believe that children learn best through play and provide play based learning programs guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Aim to provide a learning environment that is safe, accessible, welcoming, inspiring, engaging and stimulating and in which children and families feel a sense of belonging
  • Aim to provide programs that actively encourage wondering, exploration, experimentation, interactions, relationship building and collaborative learning and support the diverse learning styles of the children
  • Are committed to embedding sustainable practices into our programs


  • Are committed to providing a high quality learning environment and curriculum
  • Respect the unique capabilities, knowledge and experience of each educator
  • Are committed to reflective practice, ongoing learning and development and continuous quality improvement

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