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Welcome to Croydon Gums Kindergarten

Our philosophy

Croydon Gum Kindergarten’s early childhood philosophy is underpinned by the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and the Early learning Years Framework – ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

At Croydon Gums, we acknowledge that children are successful, confident and capable learners who learn at their own pace through different learning styles, and we empower them to make choices and decisions about their learning.  Through play, children explore, discover and learn about themselves and their world around them. Experiences are child-centred and interest based, allowing them to explore, question, analyse, reflect, collaborate and take risks.   Educators identify strengths and interests and design the environment to maximise children’s learning.   We use open-ended materials that enable children to use their imagination in creating their own learning and discovery.  Rather than giving them a pre-determined outcome, we allow the children to benefit from divergent thinking and not a product driven expectation.

Learning is a social experience that needs to be shared through collaborative and respectful partnerships between children, educators, families and the wider community. We welcome and encourage family and local community involvement through a variety of spontaneous and planned experiences.

We foster a strong music and movement program where children can freely express themselves, develop and learn in a fun and unintimidating way.

We have an emergent curriculum where the teacher’s role is to provoke, facilitate, co-learn and extend children’s thinking through open-ended experiences based on their interests and needs. We place equal value on the indoor and outdoor environments developing a connection with nature and a desire to care for and respect the natural environment.

Diversity and equality is recognised and embraced. The rights of each child are paramount and through a holistic approach we foster a supportive environment where children feel secure, included, respected and valued.


Supported by Ringwood East Community Bank and Heathmont Community Bank

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