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What is the student/teacher ratio?

1 adult: 11 children implemented in 2016 to meet National Quality Framework (NQF).

Can I apply before my baby is born?

You should apply on or soon after your child’s 2nd birthday.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to start?

Toilet training is preferred, but staff will remind children to use the toilet, as well as help children who have occasional ‘accidents’. You may wish to keep your child in training pants or pull-ups. Staff will call you if child has soiled pants.

What should we do when my child arrives and departs the preschool?

Sign in (the book is on a table next to the front door), greet the teachers, settle your child, then leave. After the session in over, your child will be dismissed by staff to the parent/guardian/carer. Please remember to sign out before leaving. Children’s work and notices will be placed into named pockets outside the front door for collection.

What should my child bring to the preschool?

A bag, big enough to hold snack/lunch box, drink bottle, hat, spare clothes, Show and Tell (for 4-year-old group); coat (on cold days). Snack boxes for both groups should contain healthy food, but NO NUTS.

My child has food allergies. What can I do?

The preschool has an Anaphylaxis Policy which recommends that no nuts are brought to Preschool. Children eat their own food from their own lunch boxes. Staff have anaphylaxis training. If you have any further concerns, please approach the teachers.

What should my child wear?

Comfortable clothes for playing, painting, pasting, climbing; no slip-on shoes, scuffs or “crocs”. Girls should avoid long skirts as they may trip on them at playtime.

What if I don't live in the City of Whitehorse?

You don’t need to live in the municipality, however, Whitehorse residents will be given priority. Just follow the standard enrolment procedure through WPSA.

It's half way through the year and I'd now like to enrol my child in preschool. Can I do that?

You would need to follow the normal enrolment procedures through WPSA. They can advise which preschools in the area have places available.