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Welcome to Clayton Community Centre Kindergarten

Our Philosophy

At Clayton Preschool, we create a warm and welcoming environment for children and families. We believe that the early years are a pivotal time in children’s lives, and that kindergarten is an important and meaningful place of learning for them.

We believe that children learn best when they are active in their own learning, and that play is the natural vehicle for this to happen in early childhood. We create a rich and engaging learning environment, in which children are encouraged to learn through play, through direct experience, through creating, through inquiry and through interaction with each other. Our teachers and educators engage in intentional teaching, which is actively designed to build on the children’s present level of development, and to enable them to move forward.

We have a richly diverse, multicultural community, within which all children, families and staff are valued and respected as they share their heritage, experiences and contributions with us.

We believe in working closely with parents and families, building strong partnerships in which we can cooperate to achieve the best learning and developmental outcomes for each child.

We encourage children to develop and express their connection to the other communities which form part of their lives: their family and cultural communities, the Clayton Community Centre and its services within which we are placed, and the broader community within which we all live.

As a staff group, we believe in working collaboratively with one another, and with other early childhood professionals. Our program is guided by the Australian and Victorian Early Years Learning Frameworks, and we are committed to an ongoing process of professional development which involves reflection, evaluation, responsiveness to change, and continual learning.

Our birthday celebration

Family Night

On Wednesday 24th October 2018, we celebrated Children’s Week. We had a Family Fun Evening that included the sharing of cultural foods, performances by the children, and a mobile farm. The event highlighted the strong partnership we have with families and the community and gave an opportunity for all families to participate.

Celebrating fathers and families

October 2019

Fathers and other special people joined the 3 Year Old Group children in celebrating fathers and families.

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