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Welcome to Yarraleen Preschool

Our Philosophy

Our Programs at Yarraleen are based on the following principles:

Early childhood is a unique and critical period in a human life where children thrive when they have time ‘to be’, not rushed children are creative, capable and inquisitive learners who thrive in a secure, nurturing, fair, stimulating and responsive environment.

Children as active citizens have rights and shared responsibilities including respecting and caring for others and our environment. Both natural and built meaningful interactions and respectful relationships are integral to children’s life and learning.

Active, meaningful play promotes optimal learning through a journey of inquiry, shared discovery and critical thinking.

Families are respected and valued as children’s first and life long teachers.

Connections to Australia and Bulleen’s indigenous past and present are acknowledged, valued and incorporated in the curriculum.

Learning and development are enriched when children, families and educators value and share their experiences, knowledge, creativity and skills in a respectful, collaborative and democratic style.

A curriculum that honours and reflects diversity: acceptance of individual temperaments, dispositions and personalities, learning styles, interests, and rates of learning, abilities, values, families and culture best meets the needs of the learning community.

The key learning areas of language, the arts, mathematics, studies of society, technology, science and the environment are actively explored.

Educator’s training, knowledge, experience and commitment to further Professional Development enhances the quality of educational programs.

Connections with the wider community enrich teaching and learning.

Exceeding Quality Standards

Yarraleen Preschool has been rated as Exceeding National Quality Standards.


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