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There’s a Sea in my Bedroom

Question: We were reading the book There’s a Sea in my Bedroom”. When we got to the last page it was missing! What can we do about the missing page?

A: Put a piece in and the man can do it again.

S: How do we know what the picture looked like?

A: I know because I have the book at home.

We read the last page again and thought what the last picture might look like.

A: I can draw waves.

S; I can do a crab and a kick board.

S; Shells

P: Bucket and spades.

R; Waves

K: Fish

S: Dolphins.

A: Shells

A: Everyone needs a beach umbrella and chairs.

R; And a beach house

S: Coconut and palm trees and food for a picnic.


Plan; What other learning is possible? What can we learn together?

We decided to solve the issues/problem of the missing page: by painting and drawing the last page.

We shared our last pages together on the large screen.

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