Bulleen Preschool

5 Derreck Ave, Bulleen, VIC 3105

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Our innovative and exciting 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten programs, influenced by the Reggio Emilia experience, will encourage your child to discover themselves by exploring nature, materials and friendships.

We are committed to providing a stimulating learning program, in a diverse environment, which reflects the individual interests and uniqueness of each child.

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Bullen Preschool has been awarded Exceeding National Quality Standards in every category assessed. We focus on providing the best quality care for our children, and support for our families.

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Our curriculum incorporates music, play and discussion, helping children gain deeper understanding of cultures and beliefs from around the world, through a range of activities.

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EXCURSIONS & Adventures

With so much to do around beautiful Bulleen, we love taking our children on local excursions. Children are able to explore the world around them and feel a greater sense of community.

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Outdoor Environment

Our two beautiful, shady playgrounds provide excellent sun protection, and a chance to stimulate the children’s senses in our vegetable, fruit and herb gardens.

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We work in partnership with St Clement of Rome School, and several other local Primary Schools, to help make children’s transition from Kindergarten to school as positive as possible.

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Our Curriculum & Philosophy

The schools of Reggio Emilia do not provide a model, but rather an inspiration, a challenge, and provocation to reflect on our own philosophies, theories, and practice.

Our innovative and exciting learning journeys, influenced by the Reggio Emilia experience, will encourage your child to discover themselves by exploring nature, materials, and friendships. They will be stimulated to encounter the world around them by asking questions and using their hands, minds, and emotions.  Creativity and self-expression are always encouraged. The approach to education is committed to the creation of conditions for learning that will enhance and facilitate children’s construction of “their own power of thinking”. Concepts, ideas, and interest come from the children which are developed and studied through projects and collaborative work.

Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways, referred by the Reggio educators as the Hundred Languages. These many languages include the spoken word, drawing, painting, sculpture, music, drama, puppetry and movement.

We are committed to: The National Framework; Play Based Learning Journeys; Natural Outdoor Environment; Embracing Diversity; Wellbeing:  Professional Development & Community Involvement.


Key Information

Term 1: 28th January – 27th March

Term 2: 14th April – 26th June

Term 3: 13th July – 18th September

Term 4: 5th October – 18th December

3 Year Old Koala Group

9:15am – 1:15pm Thursdays

9:15am – 1:15pm Fridays

4 Year Old Possum Group

9:00am – 3:00pm Mondays

9:00am – 3:00pm Tuesdays

9:00am – 3:00pm Wednesdays

3 year old kinder: $770.00 per term

4 year old kinder: $935.00 per term


All 3 year old & 4 year old registrations are facilitated by the bestchance Central Enrolments Team:

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Phone: 1300 224 644

Please contact enrolments@bestchance.org.au for further information.

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