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Welcome to Avonsleigh Preschool

Our Philosophy

At Avonsleigh Preschool all children are valued for their individuality and uniqueness. We recognise that every child’s family and community are different and diverse. Open communication and working in close conjunction with all families, allows the staff to enhance the learning of all children.

The learning that takes place at Avonsleigh Preschool is achieved through play. By providing  a safe secure setting, staff encourage children to openly explore the learning  environment  and to undertake the challenges presented to them within this program.

Programs are designed in consultation with children and families. Staff are then able to discover focus areas that are of interest to each child, as well as establish strategies of how to best engage each child in the program.

By doing this the staff are able to fully immerse the children in learning experiences and  encourage and support children to create their own learning opportunities.

Our programs offer a balance between:

  • Large and small group activities
  • Individual and Collective learning opportunities
  • Bold and Intimate play spaces
  • Structured and unstructured experiences
  • Child initiated and adult led discoveries
  • Active and passive play
  • Indoor and outdoor experiences.

We offer experiences that encourage the development of investigation, exploration, imagination and experimentation.

Learning opportunities are created and developed to promote the children’s ability to think laterally and creatively.

Our educators believe in all children’s capacities to succeed. They actively  support and encourage children to achieve what they set out to do.

Tree climbing, mud play and exploring the sandpit with bare feet are elements of play that are highly valued at Avonsleigh Preschool, along with aesthetically inspired playscapes, exploratory and creative art experiences and incursion and excursions.

The learning programs at Avonsleigh Preschool are designed to clearly reflect, both the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework as well as the National Early Years Learning Framework, otherwise known as Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Early Childhood Australia’s, Code of Ethics, is another working document that can be observed in the staff’s practice and the centre’s policies.

Healthy eating, Sun Smart practices and oral health are all actively promoted within the preschool setting.

Avonsleigh staff engage in, ongoing critical reflection, this results in the formulation of progressive quality improvement plans which ensures the services, practices, procedures and policies are always undergoing constant evaluation and relevant changes.

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