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As Term 2 ends we look back on some of the highlights and valuable moments in the Imaginarium. We have had a very busy term with lots of interests and discussions relating to our project “Who are we”, Indigenous perspectives, sustainability, and the outdoors. We have observed the children showing an awareness of the symbolism of their name and lots of questions about the letters that make up their name. To promote further learning we have been providing name tags to become familiar with print and developing their ability to strengthen drawing skills. We will also be using the end term goal forms that you completed to support the room as a whole. We have been working in small groups to allow more focus on the children’s skills and to support the opportunity for everyone to share their ideas and encourage a collaborative effort. Often this is a chance to implement teacher initiated learning through sharing ideas, drawing, songs and games. Our outside environment has been a chance to get the children building on their strengths with balance, coordination and using games to build resilience, social skills and language. Having this flexibility in the outdoor environment promotes imagination as the children source their own materials, extending on ideas and working with others and moving through a range of decision making with others to develop and play out their ideas.

Throughout the Term we had been working with the children to explore lots of individual interests and ideas. The children have thoroughly enjoyed not only learning more about themselves but also about the other children in our class. We have continued our discussions relating to our unit of inquiry: ‘Who We Are’ (Many things make me who I am). Over the past few weeks, during our mat time and throughout the day the children have put on their thinking caps and become researchers in an attempt to find out what communities we belong to. We have witnessed many discussions (our likes and dislikes) which has helped the children to express their thoughts and ideas and provide rich conversations with each other and other educators. We have also extended our understand that we are active citizens and we love and care for our communities, land, environment, wild life, living things, people, water and air. I am so proud of our children’s commitment and engagement. Our children are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling. We are loving to have fun and creating things with our donated recycled materials. Our children’s understanding is so evident when we see the children saving insects that they find in the yard. Or when I see children standing tall and saying to their friends to look after our garden and not to step on the plants. I really can’t wait for Term 3 as our children’s commitment for a sustainable and peaceful education is ongoing.

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