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What a busy and exciting week we had in our room. Our children were very excited about the novelty of going walkabout 🙂

Today we went a bit further than last Wednesday to explore our community environment and explored the bushland near our Kinder. The children have loved the freedom to explore the environment and see what interesting objects they can find. Whilst on our nature walks, the children do take risks with the uneven surfaces, lifting large sticks, climbing on the sticks and at times steep terrain. Children naturally seek out risk and they are very good at knowing what a manageable risk is, what they are capable of, and when they are not ready to take a particular risk. Our photos of children taking risks today speak a thousand words. Look at their glowing happy faces! We collected a lot of treasures while we were in the reserve, feathers, sticks and leaves were some of our favourites.

On our way back we also collected rocks to use at the craft table. The children turned the rocks into amazing art pieces. They represented on their rocks their feelings and their emotions of our nature walk today.

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