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We have a Post Office in our room and it has been a big hit. The children are loving having this creative corner with papers, envelopes, pens, glue and a cash register. We have noticed a strong interest in the concept of posting letters too. To extend this interest the children made a post box with Holly.  What a happy moment it was making the box. The children decided that Postman Pat was coming to deliver the letters on Fridays. Unfortunately, because of the bad weather, he could not make it but Vanessa made sure all the letters were delivered on time. We are looking forward to delivering more letters next week.

Today we had Sandi the Librarian come to visit us. It was amazing! Our children really enjoyed the books, puppets and songs that she shared with us. Our outdoor environment has been a focus for the week, with new games being created, communication skills tested and challenges put in place as the children develop ball skills, teamwork and strength. A big favourite has been ball games, where the children have created their own teams and worked together to keep the ball and pass it to their friend. They were also very creative and made their own hopscotch with chalk on the pavement.

This week we have continued to see the children taking action and coming up with ways that they can help protect and care for our environment. We have continued our interest in recycling which has become part of our daily routine. The children are making great choices when it comes to disposing of their food scraps, reusing materials and helping us sort their recycling materials in the project room. We have been astounded with the level of enthusiasm our children have for the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle project in our room. We have been inundated with interesting pieces of recycling. We are certainly creating global thinkers in the Imaginarium Room. Our environment and it’s living creature’s need protection and it is the coming generation’s awareness that will continue to promote this care. We plan to get out and connect with nature soon. We are also planning with the help of our amazing mum Jess (Robbie’s mum) on making a start with our worm farm and gardening. Our children love to do research on the internet and engage in conversations on the mat about the different ways we can care for the beautiful world we live in. Natasha read us a beautiful book and we talked about endangered species and the importance of looking after our planet.

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