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This week our children have been exploring many wonderful mathematical concepts through their play. The children have been using magnets, strings and blocks to measure things and see how long they are and for creating symmetrical designs and patterns. We have been talking about symmetry, measurement and looking at the numbers and time on the clock and our new timer. These concepts came from the children through their play and then were extended through different games and play-based experiences.  As we support our families mid-year goals, the children have been gaining more exposure to their name by viewing name cards during transition times and at the drawing table. The children love to sign in at arrival. We have been reflecting on identifying sounds and exploring friends with the same first letter. We know that children learn through play, it is here that children need to have the opportunities to learn to listen and make meaning from what they see and hear around them. As educators, we are building the foundations for success by assisting children to develop their skills in areas such as literacy, numeracy and self-care when they are ready for this and at their own pace within their play. Children’s social/emotional competence is at the core of their readiness for school and is effective for a smooth transition to school.

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