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A focus that the children have continued is to direct their own play with role-playing in the home corner, cooking in the sand pit and dress ups. This type of play helps the children to make sense of their world and supports their emotional development. It greatly assists in understanding the many roles that they’ve already encountered whilst exploring their creativity, problem solving skills and building their confidence as they act out real life roles. The children are also working on making decisions on dress ups, characters and acting out scenarios. Vocabulary building is increased as they expand on words, phrases, stories they have heard and new words in conversation. Other benefits include memory of what they have heard or seen, recalling a story before acting out and imitating the role-models in their lives.

Our Teacher Cath prepared a delightful baking experience for all of us, extending on the children’s interest. She made scones with us last Wednesday and today. It was so yummy to eat the scones together in our picnic outside to celebrate being together.

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