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FAQ – Family Day Care

Family Day Care

Frequently asked questions


Q: How does Family Day Care compare to Long Day care in quality and care?

A:  * Mothers using long day care centres tended to report lower levels of social support, parenting self‑efficacy and positive parenting behaviour, than mothers using family day care or informal home‑based care. Further to this 80% of parents were very satisfied with FDC compared to only 68% in LDC.

Q: What are the fees and are there any rebates?

A: A copy of our current fee range is available on request. Assistance is available for eligible families, through The Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate  under Commonwealth Government guidelines, providing significant support for families considering Family Day Care.


Q: What will I need to set up a business from home?

A: You will need a safe environment conducive to children’s learning, computer, printer and internet access, email address, home phone and mobile, medical clearance and public liability insurance. Along with childcare requirements, including qualification certificate, first aid – level 2 (including CPR, Anaphylaxis, Asthma certificates), working with children check, police check. A checklist and assistance will be provided by bestchance’, you will also need an Australian Business Number (ABN),.

Q: How many children can I care for?

A: You can care for up to 4 children under school age, and up to seven including those of school age. Children must be 12 years and younger, and if you wish to include any of your own children in care they must be included within these limits.

Q: What can I expect to earn?

A: Your income levels will depend on the amount of days and hours you are open for care. It will also depend on the quality of care and reputation you establish. It is possible to earn up to $70,000 to $90,000k per year.

Q: What are the considerations for placing children into care?

A: A variety of factors need to be considered in the way we look at placing children into care. These take into consideration whether you have your own children and the age of your children, the hours of operation, whether you are able to transport children before and after school/kinder, and the area that you live in. Families can move in and out of care, and the days and hours when care is required will vary from child to child. When a child leaves care it can not be guaranteed a family will require those same days, however the quality care and reputation you establish will always assist this process.

Q: How will I know my home is approved for Family Day Care?

A: The first process in our induction is to complete a home safety visit. We complete a thorough check of inside and outside your home via our checklist. This will check all inside and outside areas, to check for safety concerns and ensure the environment is appropriate for providing care and education for children. An example of some key areas are, do windows have safety glass where required, bench height’s and corners, cupboards are locked, chemicals, cords and power points are hidden or covered, fences are not able to be scaled by children, outdoor heaters or danger areas are fenced off, no high fall areas are evident especially around concrete and whether the home is clean and maintained.

*Social Policy Research Paper No. 40, Child care and early education in Australia, The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.