Hi, I'm Shalini

I began my career in Early Childhood in Australia by working in child care centres. I sent my own children to Family Day Care when they were younger, so I realised how important it is to have an excellent Family Day Care Educator and facility. I have learnt a lot during my years in this role, progressing to completing my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in 2016.

For me, family values are my main focus. It it gives me great pleasure to provide activities and care for children in a home environment. I really like the cross-cultural connections that can be made with families, where we learn from each other. I also particularly enjoy the honesty of children and the unconditional love that they give.

My house has a large, open area inside full of natural light, and a big backyard outside. Right next door is a park that we access regularly. Over the years I have collected a variety of toys, games and activities to cover a full spectrum of hobbies and interests. All my family members have a very keen interest in music and I am not surprised when the children in my care also develop this interest.


Benefits of Family Day Care

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A nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

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Individualised learning programs.

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Flexible hours of care, including evenings, before/after school and school holidays.

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Small group sizes means more attention and a stronger bond with your child.

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Early Education excursions and playgroups.

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Parents are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.


Siblings can be cared for together, regardless of age difference.

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bestchance regularly assesses our Family Day Care educators for ongoing quality control.

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Educators are screened and held to the same ACECQA standards as traditional child care.

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Educators are qualified and undergo regular training.