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I have been a family day care educator past one years. My career started in 2006 as a long term assistant, qualified, room leader and supervisor for kids in child care centre in Western Australia, a career lasting more than 7 years before I decided to move to Melbourne and invest all my training, qualifications, strength and energy my knowledge and my ethics into starting my own family day care service, I joined bestchance in2017. My environment  is designed as a very balanced play areas for all needs, block corners, quite corner, book corner, activity tables, outdoor and much more. And above all, I stand as a supervisor and registered educator to provide, enhance, and facilitate National Quality Standards in the best ways possible adhering to child care regulations and early years learning framework. My strength is perfection, if it’s not perfect it’s not me it’s not my service. Cleanliness throughout the day, positive hygiene practices.  My strength is routine as children who adapt to routine, perform and reach their potential far better than others, routine gives us a purpose of a day and what we do, and it provides children a strong sense of identity. I incorporate the EYLF into my FDC life through:

  • Interacting verbally and in other ways with others for a range of purposes
  • engaging with a range of texts and gain meaning from them
  • encourage children to initiate their own learning, play and exploration
  • Actively support children’s learning whenever and however they can identify children’s interests and build on them.

I’m an early childhood educationist, and inclusion support worker and certified qualified supervisor and room leader, who passionately run my own family day care past one year, successfully highly praised. i would like people to know that I am a positive, bright, well balanced and disciplined personality who just doesn’t baby sit in fact works with kids to make confident, strong, respectful personality. Being an educator is my passion it gives me the courage and it enhances my self-development, it makes me feel worth and productive and the thought to be part of child’s early ages is humbling and honouring enough.

I hold the following Qualifications

  • Certificate IIII children services – Midland TAFE 2006
  • Certificate IV outside school care – Midland TAFE 2006
  • Diploma of children services – early childhood education and care and community services – AIWT 2009
  • Supervisor Certificate – Department of local government and communities education and care regulatory unit – 2012
  • First aid/CPR/Anaphylaxis/Asthma / police clearance/ child safety certificate

I speak – Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, English

I provide – Food/Nappies/Photographs/ Individual Program Plans

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