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Children have always been a highlight in my life, being a big kid myself I find it really easy to get along, explore and have fun with children.  I have always had jobs with children around me. I completed my Diploma of Children Services 2006 from that I  became a Nanny for a beautiful family and even got to travel, which was an amazing experience and made it so hard to leave.  After that I became an Activities Organiser for Bunnings. With over 5 years experience, it was truly such a wonderful part of my life. Meeting new people along the way, we were able to achieve some well need community projects. Being fortune enough to go out to schools and work along side teachers so the children can make e.g., tool boxes or sustainability projects.  Best of all I got to entertain/host free children parties/Family Nights. Dressing up as Noddles the clown for children’s face painting, to being  an Easter Bunny and doing loads of arts and crafts which really kept me busy. I have a lots of energy and a big heart, and want to share that with others.

I also have certification in: Teachers Assistant – Certificate 3, First Aid Level 2, Working With Children, Police Check.

I have always wanted to be a mother and for a long time had the plan, once my baby was here to start Family Day Care. My daughter and I would love for her friends to join her on the journey ahead. I’m a fun, loving, caring passionate enthusiastic person.


My Personal Philosophy:

Each child is special and precious in their own unique way and will be cared and loved for as my own. Childhood it such a precious time in helping develop little humans, it shall be treasured. I’ll do everything in my power to give the children the best opportunity to develop a healthy and strong positive self-esteem. Being supportive, encouraging and helping children in decision making. Strongly meeting all individual needs and changing plans when necessary. To have fun and meaningful experiences, have the ability to grow through play, develop and reach their own full potential at there own pace in a safe, warm, caring, loving home environment.

  • A place to call “holiday” home.
  • To make things fun. Bring happiness to everyone.
  • To provide a safe warm environment that encourages children to learn to develop their capabilities and interests.
  • To be understanding, sensitive, supportive, respectful to their own needs.
  • To encourage social development through structured play.
  • To set up an environment to support their physical development.
  • To create a natural discovery to explore create and invent.
  • Being in a home environment, not having time constraints of indoor and outdoor play, following the needs of the children
  • Introduce a sustainable practice with our outdoor program
  • For them to learn when they are hungry there is food available (fruit, water) all the time.

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