Hi, I'm Julie

I’ve always been drawn to children, enjoying their chatter and how they explore their world.  In many ways, I feel that by taking on the care and education of children in a professional role I’d come full circle.  At the end of High School, I wanted to become a kinder teacher and enrolled at university, however, my career went in a different direction. My enjoyment in the company of young children, however, remained and I spent a lot of time with my preschool nephews and nieces as the go-to babysitter. Later, when I was at home with my own children, I often volunteered to look after the children of my working friends during the school holidays. So, when my youngest had turned 3 and it was time to consider work options that would give me both personal satisfaction and some flexibility to work around the needs of my family, Family Day Care seemed to tick all the boxes.  Looking back on my almost 13 years as a Family Day Care educator I‘d say it’s been a perfect fit. 

I love to watch children explore and learn about their world. It is important to me that the children in my care feel safe, relaxed and happy while away from their parents, and I actively work at making this their home away from home with an environment where they can practise and develop their skills during play, their interests and developmental readiness are recognised and encouraged, and their home culture is supported

A typical day has lots of opportunities and resources for spontaneous play both inside and outside, routines for eating and resting, and may include a school and/or kinder drop off or pick up. Children’s interests are often extended with the use of recycled, natural or other art & craft materials. We may also go for a walk, visit a local park or go to the library.

I feel privileged to be able to share in these magical and precious early years with the children. I love how they come to see this as their second home. I enjoy supporting their developing connections and what for most are their first friendships with peers. I love how children who attend for consecutive years get the opportunity to be the ‘big kids’ whose excitement, curiosity and wonder so often directs our program. I provide activities and experiences based around children’s interests and ideas that support, extend and enrich their learning and sense of self. Plus, I get a real kick out of the children bringing in craft activities they’d started at kinder or at home, and how they walk through the door totally confident that I’ll be just as excited about it as they are!

I am proud of the close bonds and mutually respectful and trusting relationships I build with the children and their families. It is wonderful to see how my insight into their child gives families the confidence to use me as an information resource to support their parenting, and that they trust I will provide professional, practical, evidence-based advice and information about early childhood development. All my families get a comprehensive end of year portfolio’s that provides parents with a journal of their child’s year, showcasing their growth and development.

Benefits of Family Day Care

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A nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

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Individualised learning programs.

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Flexible hours of care, including evenings, before/after school and school holidays.

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Small group sizes means more attention and a stronger bond with your child.

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Early Education excursions and playgroups.

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Parents are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.


Siblings can be cared for together, regardless of age difference.

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bestchance regularly assesses our Family Day Care educators for ongoing quality control.

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Educators are screened and held to the same ACECQA standards as traditional child care.

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Educators are qualified and undergo regular training.