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What is my philosophy regarding working with and caring for young children?

  • I believe in encouraging creative and independent thinking.
  • I believe in respecting the voice of each child as well as valuing their presence.
  • I believe an interest-based play curriculum is the most effective form of learning in the Early Years.
  • I believe in the importance of sustainability, outdoor adventures and natural resources. Acknowledging the benefits, they bring to development and growth.
  • I believe in embracing risk in play.
  • I believe in exposing the children to a rich array of resources and experiences.
  • I believe in applauding the process over the product.
  • I believe in regular industry training as being the key to growth and passion within an educator.
  • I believe in the collaboration of child, family, community, Educator, Fdc Scheme.
  • I believe in a curriculum and philosophy that is continually evolving.
  • I believe in aspiring to be the best educator that I can be.
  • I believe in making a positive difference.
  • I believe every child is capable.
  • I believe playing is the way children learn.
  • I believe it’s my role to work with children’s ideas and questions to. challenge them and make them ask more questions.
  • I believe in mess.

What do I love about being a Family Day Care Educator?

  • I love that there seems to be no end to the rewards of this job.
  • I love the depth of the relationships formed in care with both children and families.
  • I love that I to learn alongside the children.
  • I love that my day is spent with such curious beings.
  • I love that I’m free to manipulate curriculum to suit the individual needs of every child.
  • I love that I can be of support to families at such a challenging time in life.
  • I love the hugs and kisses.

Activities provided for children to enhance all areas of development at Champion’s with bestchance:

Fine motor play including play dough, threading, art and craft, painting, sorting games, nature exploration, sand play, gardening, music and movement, cooking, story/book corner, water play, mud play, science activities, language development, natural materials focused, math concepts, Bush playgroups, outdoor games, bbq’s in the park, visiting local interest spots and loads of real life experiences


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