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Educational Advisor

The Bestchance Early Childhood Intervention Educational Advisor is a specialised teacher with experience and expertise working with Families and Educators of children who have developmental delays and disabilities, providing support for children’s development, learning and early year’s transitions. The Educational Advisor provides assistance in planning and coordinating access to universal and specialised early intervention supports.  This may include gathering information about educational programs, funding eligibility and applications, advocacy support, collaborating between intervention professionals and building the capacity of services to meet the child’s needs. The Educational Advisor develops and provides inclusive learning strategies and resources to empower Families and Educators to support children to succeed in their everyday lives. The Educational Advisor can support Families at home, on-site at Bestchance, at their child’s educational and care setting and in the community. The Educational Advisor provides developmental and learning support in the following areas:

Social Skills

Turn taking, sharing, playing co-operatively and relating to others, understanding and following social rules

Emotional development

Identifying, understanding and appropriately managing emotions in the self and others, self-regulation, resilience and wellbeing

Independence skills

Following routines, self-help skills (toileting, dressing, eating) and taking care of belongings


Asking for help, listening and understanding instructions, conversational and interaction skills

Cognitive skills

Play skills, attention, task completion and problem-solving skills

Motor Skills

Fine: Pencil grip, cutting, pasting, and manipulation of objects

Gross: Core strength, balance, coordination and spatial awareness