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What is the role of the Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are concerned with your child’s physical development which includes things like rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, running, hopping as well as things like climbing and riding a scooter or bike.

Specifically physiotherapists can help your child with physical skills such as developing strength, coordination, balance and proprioception. All of these skills are developed in functional and meaningful ways, and within environments that are a part of everyday life for your family, such as at home, kinder, school or in the local community such as at a local park or swimming pool. At bestchance we have an excellent therapy room complete with lots of fun and helpful equipment which we also often use.

Physiotherapists can also assess your child’s needs to identify, recommend and organise any specialist equipment that may be appropriate to help them better get around or join in activities more independently.

Physiotherapists who work with children will want you to be involved in your child’s sessions and care. A big part of the physiotherapist’s role is to empower families and care givers to implement strategies and techniques to assist in their child’s development. Good communication with families is extremely important.