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What does learning look like?

We provide an engaging and innovative learning experience, based on The Victorian Curriculum. Students also participate in a range of activities that help them to self-regulate such as mediation, warrior fitness and yoga. Our class sizes are small and have a maximum of 11 students per class, with at least one Classroom Teacher and two Specialist Teaching Aides. Our high student-to-teacher ratio allows us to offer a unique and personalised learning experience for every child.

Explicit teacher modelling, careful scaffolding, support and feedback at the point of need, underpins our commitment to every student making progress in their learning. Students quickly build on their small steps of success, and acquire the characteristics of a successful learner.

In addition, each student has an Individual Education Plan with clear learning goals, the plans are reviewed regularly and shared with parents. Students quickly learn to improve their resilience, self-motivation and confidence. They work towards improving their ability to build strong relationships and work collaboratively, before transitioning back into mainstream education.

Fortnightly excursions linked to Victorian Curriculum take our students beyond the core academic curriculum and further encourage each student to make deeper links with their learning.

Relationships are at the heart of great learning at The Cheshire School. Our team will work closely with you, to establish a working partnership and quickly build to your child’s confidence. The Cheshire School empowers our students to make valuable contributions to the world around them.