With the number of people doing regular yoga growing, Bass Valley Children’s Centre is getting on board, running a program for their children.

This term, the Bass Valley Children’s Centre Kindergarten children enjoyed their weekly sessions, and next term will see the 3-5-year-old program engaging in the exercise as well.

Held every Thursday morning, the children are taught self-regulation, breathing, calming exercises and how to re-centre themselves. Yoga has proven to be incredibly valuable as a tool to teach children about themselves and their bodies. Through their sessions, the children of Bass Valley Children’s Centre are developing body awareness and building concentration – essential for future education and activities. They are also being taught valuable life skills such as stress management, through breathing exercises, awareness, meditation and movement.

The weekly sessions promote the children’s confidence and positive self-image, while helping them to feel that they are part of a group. Educators join the children in the sessions, and enjoy the morning exercise with their charges. By studying yoga, the children are taught valuable skills to prepare them for their future adventures, helping them find constructive solutions to whatever life may bring.

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