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Supported Playgroup: Melissa’s Story

Mother of two, Melissa had been searching for the right fit for her 3-year-old daughter Simonetta.

During a visit to her Health Nurse, Melissa was referred to bestchance’s Supported Playgroup. The program would be of use to Melissa, as “a great learning experience. A chance to interact with other children and improve Simonetta’s speech.”

Working with the bestchance Family Support Services team, Melissa shares that her children’s time being involved in the Supported Playgroup has been incredible. When asked about her favourite aspect of the Playgroup, she stated, “Everything. I can fault nothing, very impressed with all that the whole program that has to offer to parents and children needing support and help.” So impressed with the project in fact, that when Simonetta began, Melissa asked if her younger child Isabella could also attend.

There has been, “Fantastic support from Natalie, Rina and the volunteers.” During the Supported Playgroup sessions, there is a focus on learning through, “meeting other parents and their children and exchanging experiences.” The Supported Playgroup program is a safe environment for parents and their young children. With visiting health professionals and learning activities for all, the program allows both children and parents to interact with one another. This allows parents to form bonds with other caregivers, share information and ideas, and support each other throughout their parenting journey.

“I can’t stop thanking Natalie, Rina and the Volunteers for their amazing hard work. They make my daughters so comfortable and the program so much fun, they look forward to Tuesday a lot.”

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