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“The Serpent” by Legend Park Preschool

In preparation of National Reconciliation Week, the children of Legend Park Preschool have created a masterpiece, paying tribute to the traditional custodians of Australian land, the Aboriginal people. Painting “The Serpent,” the children attempted to replicate the beautiful designs they have spent the past months discovering in picture-books during their preschool sessions.

Learning about Indigenous cultures, and their way of life, the children have discovered so much. They have enjoyed exploring the different tools and materials Indigenous Australian artists utilise in their art, through picture-books and group discussions.

The picture “The Serpent” began when the young children visited Bushy Park Trail for a walk. They collected materials to use to decorate their picture. “The Serpent” captures the children’s involvement in the project, and their earnest attempt to pay respect to the Indigenous people of Australia. The children’s hands were painted with black and red paint, before pressing their hands on the sign. Every child left their own mark on the masterpiece. The children connected the colours of their handprints to the Aboriginal flag hanging in the Kindergarten room. Legend Park was also given permission for the children to engage with dot painting, which was used throughout the artwork.

bestchance Child Family Care is thrilled to announce that the wonderful children and staff of Legend Park Preschool, have been chosen to participate in creating an art piece for the upcoming ‘Youth Art for Reconciliation’ exhibition.

It is important to recognise the original custodians of the land we call home, the Indigenous people of Australia. National Reconciliation Week reminds us that in unity there is strength, that although we are different, we are united as human beings. Although this is a part of Australia’s history every day, National Reconciliation Week gives Australians the chance to come together and recognise the need for growth and change. We must also recognise how far we have come, and stand united with our fellow Australians. It is a time to reflect on the past and work towards a better future, one for us, and one for our children.

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