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How bestchance can assist with preschool aged twins.

Twins-Parent And Child Support Programs

Surviving the first three years when raising my twin daughters was a memorable journey of highs and lows, with little balance of the two.  If only I would have known of the amazing parent and child support programs available through the In-Home Support Program and Supported Playgroup offered by bestchance, I am sure my memories of this time would be vastly different.

Today as the Team Manager of Parent and Child Support Programs, I am able to reflect and reminisce when I hear mothers repeating similar experiences to my own from 5 years ago.

All have their own stories to share, of the obstacles and joys they have encountered whilst parenting their young children. One story in particular of an amazing woman, who is raising three children under 5 years of age, holding a part time job and caring for an aged parent all at the same time, exemplifies the outstanding individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting during my time at bestchance.


Here is part of her story:

‘This playgroup, with volunteers who the children become familiar with & who can help you get children’s belongings in-out of a car, actually enabled me to start getting out of the house.  (I had hardly left the house in 15 months following the arrival of the twins).  I connected really well with other mothers, all of whom had their own struggles, unlike many family &/or friends who hadn’t felt that this time in their life was a struggle, and were unable to emphasise with my experiences. ’

If you live in the City of Monash and are free on Tuesdays 10-12pm, do not hesitate to consider our Links-Supported playgroup.  If you wish to learn more please contact Sandra or Natalie on 8562 5100.