New Teepee & Tunnels at Bulleen Preschool

At Bulleen Preschool, the children were excited to discover our new outdoor play space, which had been constructed over the holidays. A small group set up an office in the teepee while others attempted to climb the structure. It soon became apparent that climbing the smooth logs was very difficult so the children tried to overcome this problem by experimenting with ropes, hoops, water and sand! Later the children worked together to transform the tunnel into a “play set” with an obstacle course and swings.

“The plan is, I tie this on, then I can climb. I’m good at tying things. Do you like our play set? It has two swings.”

“I’m pouring water on it so it’s not slippery. I’m scraping it to make it wetter in all areas. Wet sand makes everything stick.”

In the following weeks, children continued to find new and imaginative ways to incorporate the teepee and tunnels into their play. They explored the kinder environment in search of materials to enhance the structure – rope, wooden blocks, heavy cardboard cylinders and even a shower curtain. They manipulated these materials in a variety of ways – stacking, balancing, threading & knotting – bringing their ideas to life.

“We need to tie this at the top so I can climb. I have an idea…now we can swing on it.”

“I’m going to need a LOT of blocks.”

“I need to make sure the rain doesn’t come in.”

When the children expressed interest using the structure as a base for tent building, we provided many colourful pieces of stretchy Lycra. With plenty of resources available, a large group of children were able to work together on the project. As the children explored different ideas and responded to feedback from each other, the tent building expanded to include hammocks, a slide, costume making and even a play centre!  The shared learning experience brought the children a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment.

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