Meet Jessica, from Family Day Care

Jessica inherited her passion for early years education from her mother, who has many years experience working with young children.

Together, the mother-daughter dynamic duo has opened their own Family Day Care. They are excited to share their love of learning with young families in a home-setting. They also enjoy sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with one another.

Having watched her mother find joy in the field, upon finishing high school Jessica decided to pursue her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from The University of Melbourne. Armed with knowledge, education and a desire to inspire young minds, Jessica was later employed full-time as a kindergarten teacher until last year, when she gave birth to her first child.

Not wanting to give up the work that brought her so much happiness, but wishing to continue spending days with her daughter, Jessica and her mother Ivy decided to open up their own Family Day Care! Now Jessica has found her perfect balance. She works as a kindergarten teacher 2 days, and as the Lead Educator for her Family Day Care 1 day a week.

Jessica is so thankful for her mother’s support. “My mum has shared her extensive knowledge as an early childhood educator with me and I look up to her.” Their Family Day Care is unique in having two Educators, for they are able to learn from one another. Jessica shares “it is great to be able to work together with my mum and apply our knowledge and experiences in early childhood within our Family Day Care program.”

After deciding to open their Family Day Care, Jessica and Ivy began the search for an early years education provider that was the right fit for them. They chose bestchance because “it is a not-for-profit organisation with dedicated staff and volunteers that support early childhood education, and at-risk families in the community.” Jessica has found working with bestchance to be rewarding and supportive, enjoying “meeting all [her] coordinators, team leader and fellow educators at professional development.”

Looking forward to the future Jessica is thankful to be “doing what [she] loves as an early childhood educator.” The early years are the foundation for childhood development, and Jessica understands the importance of this. She stresses that educators must understand how to create safe environments for children to explore their surroundings in a safe and supported way.

Her most rewarding moments are knowing she has connected with the children, being able to “witness each child’s growth and achievements” and being visited by her past students when they have grown. Jessica can’t wait to create new memories with her young charges, encouraging their growth and development through play and exploration.

To learn more or to enrol your child with Jessica and Ivy’s Family Day Care, click HERE.

To find out more about bestchance Family Day Care, click HERE.

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