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Meet Ada: Family Day Care Educator

Ada has spent the past decade of her life devoted to caring for children.

Prior to opening her own Family Day Care, she worked as an Early Childhood Teacher in a kindergarten in Melbourne and before that, spent 5 years as a Kindergarten teacher in China. “Working with children is her passion.” Ada shares that she still loves her work, 10 years down the track.

When her daughter was born, she began to consider becoming a Family Day Care Educator to gain a better work-life balance. Ada quickly discovered that it would be the perfect fit for her as she will “not miss the learning and growing moments with her daughter and, at the same time, can still work as an early childhood educator.” Holding a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Monash University, Ada was excited to use her knowledge and experience in a new capacity through her Family Day Care.

When studying for her Masters, Ada had worked as a volunteer in one of the preschools managed by bestchance. After building a relationship with bestchance, she felt as if she could trust the not-for-profit organisation who had offered her support and assistance during her time with them. “When I decided to, run a Family Day Care, I chose bestchance straight away.”

Since beginning her journey with bestchance and her FDC, Ada has gained confidence. Ada shares that she, “never feels alone anymore,” in her work, as she knows the staff at bestchance will always be ready to help. “This allows me to, focus on the educational program and setup the environment using my philosophy.”

When asked to describe the most rewarding aspect of working with children, Ada states that it is, “building trust and a good relationship with children and their families.” She “loves seeing the growth in children’s learning and development while their creativity and imagination blossom.” It’s always a joy for Ada to see children engaging and playing with their peers.

Ada’s Family Day Care has given her many opportunities to see the children in her care grow and develop. So when asked to choose a favorite memory of her time as a Family Day Care Educator she could not choose only one, and told us that there were many memories that stood out. One is when she is able to, “observe how children explore their open-ended learning environment with natural materials, by using problem solving skills.” Others include watching them, “communicating their needs with their peers, working cooperatively with their partners and contributing their ideas in discussions.”

As an Educator, Ada is able to experience these moments every day. Running her own Family Day Care with the support of bestchance has allowed Ada the freedom to guide children and help them grow. She has been able to achieve a work-life balance between spending time with her daughter and following her passion. To learn more about how you too could become a Family Day Care Educator, please call 1300 224 644

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