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Lang Lang Preschool Achievement Program

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The children and parents of Lang Lang Preschool came together recently to celebrate the Preschool’s accomplishment.

Lang Lang Preschool has been involved in the Achievement Program which involves making healthy changes. Families from the 3 and 4 year old groups joined together to celebrate, and discuss plans for the future. The morning tea was a success, with donated fruit from the local supermarket being prepared as a fruit platter to be enjoyed by many of the kindergarten’s children and their parents.

With the help of Cassandra from Monash Health, the Educators and staff have been working in partnership with the local supermarket to create change. Every week, fresh fruit is donated to the preschool. This is enjoyed by the children during the day, encouraging them to enjoy healthy and nutritious foods.

Lang Lang preschool has been thrilled to see the positive effects these changes are having on the children. “It is really good to see the kids excited about eating fruit and trying different things.” “By sitting with the children during meal times and engaging with them,” Laurel and the other Educators of Lang Lang Preschool have been encouraging discussion about healthy eating.

During their Spanish Languages Program last week, the Educators organised an exciting activity. The children had to identify the names of different fruits in Spanish. The children then used the donated fruit to make their own juice.

Preparing and tasting their own healthy home-made snack was a wonderful experience for the children. Taking pride in their creations, the activity was an inventive way to teach children that foods which are good for them are delicious too! Congratulations to Lang Lang Preschool on their involvement in the Achievement Program, and their innovative ideas for encouraging healthy eating.

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