What’s in store next for the children of bestchance Family Day Care?

The weekly adventures of the tiny tykes took them on a journey to Chesterfield farm last week. Wandering through the paddocks, the children from Karyn, Elaine, Kylie, Elize and Aimee’s Family Day Care Centres made friends with kangaroos, ostriches and some sheep dogs enjoying the sun. The children were quiet and gentle with the dogs, who are given the important job of guarding the animals each night.

The children then ventured to the outer paddocks, which allow the animals to live as they would in their natural habitats. This way, the kids were able to appreciate the animals and understand the importance of allowing our animal friends their peace. However, there was still so much to explore –  with pigs, and deer, and alpacas, Oh My!

The animal nursery was next on the list, with baby animals begging to be patted and loved, appreciative of the children’s showering of affection. They nibbled on treats from the kids’ outstretched hands, their soft nuzzles making the children giggle as they eagerly ate their food. The baby piglet was the most popular, with exclamations over its captivating curiosity.

Next, the children and their Educators went to a large barn which is used for the farming duties of milking the cows, and were even allowed to watch as pales of milk were filled. The youngsters were then offered a view of the sheep being herded masterfully by a wonderful dog and his trainer, much to their delight.

Finally, the children watched as a farmer demonstrated shearing a sheep, with care and precision he explained the importance of caring for the sheep. After completing his task, he offered the eager crowd a chance to touch the fleece, and they marvelled in its coarse texture and flecks of gold and grey.

After a successful day, the children and Educators left with hearts bursting with love for their new fluffy friends. When she returned home, young Emi exclaimed to her mum, “it was brilliant. The sheep and cats were brilliant too!”

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