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Family Day Care: Chelsea Excursion

The Bicentennial Park in Chelsea was overrun by an excited group of explorers when the children of Aimee’s Little K’s, Elize’s Family Day Care, Little Opals Family Day Care and Claire’s FDC visited.

These excursions focus on exposing the children to the elements and allowing them to engage with their environment. With sculptures and play equipment to investigate, laughter filled the afternoon air as the children and their educators inspected their surrounds.

The park’s main attractions (for the children at least) were two slides that stood at the top of a hill, offering a new adventure and a much more fun way to get back to the bottom. After making their way up the slope, the children and Educators climbed the staircase to the mouth of the slide, before clambering inside. The Educators watched as the children flew down the hill, squeals of joy travelling across the park.

Incorporating regular excursions into their activities with the children allows the Educators to encourage physical activity, and build coordination and strength. As young children are constantly growing, their muscles need to be engaged in exercise and movement in order for them to strengthen. Having an adult there to protect and guide them allows the children to build confidence in their movements while having a trusted support.

The Family Day Care Educators take part in the excursions not only to encourage exercise, but also to create connections. Spending time with other children and Educators provides the children with chances to form relationships with their peers, and develop their sense of belonging. Excursions also allow the children to gain a deeper understanding about themselves as well as their external world through immersive experiences.

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