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family day care

Family Day Care Visit Stony Point

Over the holidays, the children of Elize’s Family Day Care shared in many exciting adventures. A stand out for the parents, children and their Educator alike, was a recent trip to Stony Point. Embarking on their journey, the travelers sat and watched the world fly past through the windows of the train. Before long, they […]

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kindergarten tarneit north

Tarneit North Kindergarten Culture Night

The children, parents and Educators of Tarneit North Kindergarten were recently treated to a special event, their Culture Night. The night was a chance for the children to explore other cultures within their own community. Families all bought a plate of food representing their culture to share. The night showcased the strong bonds and sense of community […]

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child care centre noble park

Noble Park Child Care Centre: Police Incursion

The children at Noble Park Child Care Centre were visited by the local police recently, to learn about the role of the police within the community. The visit was organised by one of the parents, Andrew, who came to see the children with his fellow police officer, Luke. To start the day, the children took […]

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the cheshire school

The Cheshire School’s new bus!

In past years, the Lions Club of Vermont has been considering further ways they can achieve their mission of helping youths around the world. Several years ago, a parent wrote to The Lions Club seeking support for the purchase of a new school bus for the students of The Cheshire School. The Cheshire School is […]

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preschool arena

Arena Child and Family Centre: Healthy Excursion

The importance of healthy eating is often outweighed by the convenience of fast foods. Arena Child and Family Centre is determined to teach their children about the importance of proper nutrition and how to look after their growing bodies. For the past few weeks, Educators have been leading discussions about the difference between healthy foods […]

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preschool lang lang

Lang Lang Preschool Achievement Program

The children and parents of Lang Lang Preschool came together recently to celebrate the Preschool’s accomplishment. Lang Lang Preschool has been involved in the Achievement Program which involves making healthy changes. Families from the 3 and 4 year old groups joined together to celebrate, and discuss plans for the future. The morning tea was a success, with donated […]

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Bunyip Kindergarten project

The Bunyip Kindergarten educators, families and local community members joined together recently to celebrate the completion of their new state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Over the past years, these tireless individuals have dedicated their time and resources towards the completion of the project. The refurbishment was financed through grant application and fundraising activities organised by the Parent […]

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family day care

Family Day Care: Chelsea Excursion

The Bicentennial Park in Chelsea was overrun by an excited group of explorers when the children of Aimee’s Little K’s, Elize’s Family Day Care, Little Opals Family Day Care and Claire’s FDC visited. These excursions focus on exposing the children to the elements and allowing them to engage with their environment. With sculptures and play equipment to investigate, laughter […]

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