Throughout the term we have observed several groups of children incorporating fire into their play. To extend on this interest we planned a campfire experience. In preparation, the children’s knowledge of fire and important safety precautions were discussed during our morning meeting.

E: You collect sticks and put the sticks together to make a head so that you can burn it.

J: You rub sticks together on top of other sticks and that’s how you make a fire.

S: You need lots of sticks to make a fire.

A: You rub sticks together to make a big fire but it takes a long time. If you get a white thing (fire starter) you light that with a match and that will melt and make a fire.

A: You need to rub them really hard and you need to rub them really fast to get fire. If you rub them too slow you won’t get a fire.

L: You need matches to light a fire.

L: You put the marshmallows on a stick so you don’t get burnt from the fire and have to go to the hospital.

The children then worked together building a brick fireplace and collecting firewood. Once the flames were blazing the children took turns to approach the fire safely and toast a marshmallow.

Afterwards, educators demonstrated how to safely extinguish the fire with sand and water.

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