Birthdays at Bulleen

A birthday is an exciting and important event in the life of a child.

At Bulleen Preschool we gather together in a circle to celebrate and acknowledge this special occasion

We begin by asking the birthday child a series of questions about themselves, which helps us all to get to know them better. Then the child’s peers are encouraged to think about and share their ideas about what makes the birthday child special.  They may talk about a particular skill the child has “he is really good at climbing the tree” or a personality trait they admire “she is a really kind friend.”

A candle, decorated with foliage chosen by the children, is lit and the birthday child walks around the candle one time for each year of their life. The group sings “Happy Birthday” and then the candle is blown out.

The birthday child is presented with a certificate and chooses a colourful birthday stone as a memento of their celebration, which concludes with music and bubbles.

The children wait with anticipation for their birthdays but also enjoy participating in the birthday celebrations of their peers.

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