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Arena Child and Family Centre: Healthy Excursion

The importance of healthy eating is often outweighed by the convenience of fast foods.

Arena Child and Family Centre is determined to teach their children about the importance of proper nutrition and how to look after their growing bodies.

For the past few weeks, Educators have been leading discussions about the difference between healthy foods and “sometimes foods.” During a trip to Woolworths, the children were broken up into mini-teams with Educators to guide them, and set off on a scavenger hunt. They searched the supermarket for healthy foods, ones suggested by the children.

When the fun was over, the staff and children from Arena Child and Family Centre collected the fruit selected by the young scavengers. Packing it up and returning to the centre, the children were thrilled at their finds becoming their snack. After the adults had prepared the feast, they all enjoyed the delicious salad, hand-picked by the children.

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