About NDIS

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS is a new way for children and their families to access services and to link into their communities.

It puts the goals of your child and family at the centre of the supports. The NDIS provides you with choice and control over who delivers the service you need.

The NDIS has commenced in several regions and States and will continue to roll out across Australia until 2019. It will roll out in the bestchance ECI catchment in November 2017. Some families on the ECI Intake wait list are transitioning currently.

How will it affect bestchance Early Childhood Intervention?

Bestchance is now a registered NDIS provider. The NDIS will be rolled out in the Inner Eastern and Outer Eastern areas in November 2017. All current Early Childhood Intervention Clients will be eligible for NDIS services and then reviewed in 12 months. bestchance clients will be supported to the new scheme.

bestchance ECI will provide:

  • Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Educational services.
  • In your home, at child care, at kindergarten or at bestchance
  • Individual or group sessions.

Administrative support

  • Assigning a Keyworker to your family.
  • Coordinating the services your family needs, including assistance to access other providers if required.
  • Supporting your family with the transition to childcare, kindergarten and school.
  • Liaising with your NDIS contact should other needs arise (e.g. providing written evidence if Support Coordination is needed).

Building routines

  • Identifying activities that build on your child’s strengths and interests such as playgroups, toy libraries and recreational activities.
  • Helping you to build the activities and strategies that will support your child’s progress into the family’s routine.
  • Supporting your child in their natural environments (e.g. home, childcare, kindergarten and other community areas), to promote your child’s participation and 

Family skills & support

  • Assisting your family to adapt to the emotional and practical challenges involved with raising your child or assist your family to access emotional and practical support for the family.
  • Providing support and education for you as a parent or carer.

Material support

  • Ensuring the equipment required to increase participation is identified in the NDIS plan as reasonable and necessary, and the NDIS process for supply of this equipment is followed

Who can I contact if I want to find out more?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Early Childhood Intervention Australia (VIC):

The Inclusion Hub:

Carers Australia:

Children and Young People with Disability Australia:

Association for Children with a Disability: